Very Dry Skin

What is Very Dry Skin?

Dry skin is medically called "xerosis". It is used to denote skin that lacks the ability to retain moisture, causing it to feel tight and appear parched. It is prone to chapping, cracking. The overall appearance of dry skin is dull and lines often form. In severe cases, the cracking leads to bleeding. This is fairly common and occurs mainly on the heels of the feet and on the fingertips.

Other Causes of Dry Skin

Diabetics often have severe problems with very dry skin. An underactive thyroid can lead to dry skin. Prescription drugs, or drugs of any kind, can also result in skin problems, particularly severely dry skin.


Humidifiers can be helpful for very dry skin. They add moisture to the air and prevent the skin's moisture from evaporating. Some people report a difference when they have a humidifier running in their house at all times. This is particularly true in dry climates.

Cold-Pressed Oils

Cold-pressed oils are oils produced with low-heat techniques. Heat will damage the flavor and the nutrition of oils. Check the label on your oil to ensure it is cold-pressed.