Corium 21 is far beyond your normal lotion. It's unique balance and blend of nutrients, vitamins and emollients
allow for the full benefits of aloe vera to help restore even the seriously dry skin.

Are you aware that there are over 180 species and 2,200 varieties of Aloe?

This moisturizing, rejuvenating and healing lotion known as Corium 21 contains as its number one ingredient Barbadenzis Miller aloe vera. It has been found that out of 180 species and 2,200 varieties of aloe, Barbadenzis Miller is the most effective variety of aloe vera in the moisturizing, rejuvenating and healing of most dry skin problems.

Try Corium 21 Moisturizing and Healing Cream with the most potent Aloe Vera in the world and never have dry skin again.

You will love our Corium 21 dry skin cream. Many of our customers find it to be more effective than Neem, Super Blue Stuff, Emu Oil, MSM oil, Dead Sea Salt, Infinite Aloe, Pro Bema, Hawaiian Moon Aloe, and many other Dry Skin Cream products.

Corium 21 works great on Dry Skin, abrasions, acne, allergic rashes, arthritis, athlete's foot, bed sores, bee stings, blisters, boils, bruises, burns, bursitis, candida, canker sores, chapped lips, chapped skin, chemical burns, chemical peels, cold sores, cradle cap, cuts, dermabrasion, diaper rash, eczema, edema, fever blisters, flea bites, folliculitis, fungus, hives, impetigo, inflamed joints, insect bites, itching skin, jock itch, keratosis, lupus, poison ivy, poor circulation, psoriasis, radiation burns, ringworm, rosacea, sebaceous cysts, scabies, seborrhea, shingles, sore muscles, stretch marks, styes, sunburn, varicose veins, very dry skin, warts, wind burn, eczema cream, dry skin cream, x-ray burns, and much much more !!

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