What is Eczema?

Eczema is a very common skin ailment. Eczema is experienced by many people of all ages and is common in children. Some children will outgrow eczema. It is a form of dermatitis with inflammation and dryness. With eczema the skin often itches, flakes, cracks, and even blisters. A person might be prone to eczema for many reasons, including family history, diet, allergies, lifestyle, medications, exposure to various environmental toxins and chemicals, etc. There are several things that are helpful to eczema, particularly Corium 21 aloe vera healing cream.

Four Types of Eczema

If you have eczema, it is likely that you have one of the four main types of eczema. Although there are other types of eczema, the main types of eczema are Atopic Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, Xerotic Eczema, and Seborrhoeic Eczema.

What is the Difference Between Eczema and Dermatitis?

The terms "eczema" and "dermatitis" are mostly interchangeable. Both eczema and dermatitis are loosely defined as any inflamed condition of the skin. Although some experts disagree that the terms really mean the same thing, in researching the subject, it is difficult to find definitions that specify differences, other than in the specific types of each condition.

Less Common Types of Eczema

There are many less common types of eczema. Sometimes the differences in type are negligible. Other times, it's important to know the type of eczema you are dealing with as the treatment may vary. A health professional can help you determine the type of eczema that affects you.

  • Corium 21 contains analgesics, which help to control itching. Apply Corium 21 aloe healing cream to itching skin and feel the result.
  • Corium 21 aloe healing cream contains antiseptic agents that help in controlling eczema. If the eczema is caused by micro-organisms, Corium 21 can assist to eliminate the micro-organism

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Why Does Eczema Seem To Be More Common in Children?

It is true that eczema often affects children. They might have inherited the condition, have specific allergies, or sensitive skin. Since most children outgrow the condition, it appears to be more common in childhood. It is also difficult for a child, particularly a young child, to prevent themselves from scratching, which contributes to the eczema condition. Corium 21 aloe healing cream will prevent and alleviate the itching, and it is safe for children. Corium 21 aloe healing cream does NOT have side effects, as many medications do.

Should I Use Petroleum Jelly For My Eczema?

Most experts will tell you that it is best not to use petroleum jelly for your eczema. The reason is that it is believed to be comedogenic (clogs the skin pores), which can aggravate inflammation and itching. Corium 21 aloe healing cream does not clog the pores, and it penetrates deep into the skin's layers, healing from the bottom up. Corium 21 is your best choice for natural, safe treatment of eczema.

What Can I Do To Prevent Eczema?

All experts agree that the most important preventative with eczema is MOISTURIZE. Next in importance is to avoid scratching, something which is often handled just by moisturizing. Corium 21 aloe healing cream moisturizes deep into the skin's layers. It also contains analgesics to prevent itching. Use Corium 21 to prevent and treat eczema.

Is Eczema Contagious?

No, eczema is NOT contagious.

How Deep is My Eczema?

Eczema affects the upper layers of the skin or the epidermis. The epidermis is composed of five layers. When you apply Corium 21 aloe healing cream, it penetrates the five layers of the epidermis and two layers of the dermis. It heals deeply and is the best treatment for eczema.

Can I Treat Eczema Topically?

Yes, you can treat eczema topically. In fact, for most people this is a far better solution than taking drugs orally with potential side effects. The best topical treatment for eczema is Corium 21 aloe healing cream.

Can Analgesics Help Eczema?

Analgesics usually refer to drugs that are used to reduce or eliminate pain. A natural analgesic can be any substance that reduces or eliminates pain, itching or discomfort without existing as a drug. Since drugs have harmful side effects, Corium 21 is an optimum solution to the pain, itching and discomfort of eczema and other skin conditions. The aloe in Corium 21 contains three natural analgesics which are effective in reducing or eliminating the itching associated with eczema.

Can My Dry Skin Turn Into Eczema?

Yes, dry skin can turn into eczema. The type of eczema known as "xerotic eczema" is merely dry skin that has become eczema. Treat your dry skin with Corium 21 aloe healing cream. Treat your eczema with Corium 21 aloe healing cream.


The Hand Story

From sales personnel: While selling Corium 21 at a booth in a home show, a man approached me with a little girl about 9-years-old. He held out her hand to me and demanded I look closely at her hand. "Do you see any eczema?" he asked. He sounded emotional, and I wasn't sure what I had done wrong. he then told me that he'd purchased a small jar of Corium 21 two weeks previously for his daughter's eczema. He said that her hand looked terrible at the time he purchased the product. He said, "It's completely cleared up", and he proceeded to buy four large jars of Corium 21. He was a very happy customer.

The Gallons in the Fridge Story

From sales personnel: A woman walked up to the booth and told me that this (Corium 21) was the "best stuff ever" (a common description of Corium 21 by customers). I told her that we were having a special if she were ready to buy more. She said, "Oh no, I don't need anymore. I have 5 gallons in my fridge!" I asked her why she kept so much on hand. She said that she has 5 children and 14 grandchildren with eczema. She is constantly refilling jars and applying Corium 21 when the family comes to visit. She said, "It's the only thing that works." But why 5 gallons? At this point she confessed that she really only kept one gallon on hand, but she NEVER let it run out. (It should be noted that Corium 21 has a shelf life of two years unrefrigerated. It will last longer than 2 years in the refrigerator. A very happy customer!

The Husband Who Won't Believe It Story

From sales personnel: A woman walked up to my booth with her husband in tow. She said, "My husband has had eczema since he was a child. We started using this product a year ago. He phoo-phooed it, since he'd tried everything under the sun, moon and stars, with no result. I made (yes, MADE) him put it on every morning and every night to affected areas (mainly hands and elbows). Well, the eczema cleared up completely within two weeks and has not come back. We continue to use it daily. We're not sure what will happen if we stop using it." The husband during this time stood by smiling. He said that he still looks at his hands expecting to see the eczema condition, since he'd had it for so long. He was probably about 60 years old (but his hands looks lovely!). Very happy customers.

The Highly-Allergic Grandson Story

From sales personnel: A woman walked up to my booth with her grandson. She said that she'd bought Corium 21 aloe healing cream a few months earlier at a home show. Her grandson had a severe case of eczema and was highly allergic to anything they tried to treat it with. In desperation she tried a little Corium 21 and found that he had no reaction. Normally, he would cry because creams would burn his skin. He said that Corium 21 felt good on his skin. She continued to get his mother to put the Corium 21 on his skin, and his eczema cleared up. She was very happy because the boy had been itching and looked terrible before using Corium 21. She is a very happy Corium 21 user, and so is her grandson!

The Teenager Story

From sales personnel: A young man about 17-years-old walked up to my booth. I considered him an unlikely customer since most of our customers are older. He said that he had spent his whole life hiding his skin because of his eczema. He said he had it on his face and hands and arms. It was acutely embarrassing for him. He had seen a dermatologist and tried several prescription products, most of which helped for a little while, but the eczema always returned. His mother brought home a jar of Corium 21 that a friend had given her. He put it on his face that night and the following morning. Noticing some improvement, he decided to give it a shot and applied it twice daily for the next week or so. He said, "Look at my face now". I did not see signs of eczema. His hands and arms looked fine too. He said that he had been telling everyone he knew who had any problem with eczema about the product. He knew how annoying and embarrassing it could be. He was a very happy customer.