Treat Yourself With the Good Stuff!


Be honest, when you're stocking up on candy for Halloween trick-or-treaters, how often do you sneak a Snickers? It's ok, we all do it! Unfortunately, chocolate isn't always as nice to our skin as it is to our taste buds. That's why we recommend replacing fun-size candy bars with foods that will help your skin thrive, instead of leaving it in blemishes.

Olive oil

It's not just delicious to cook with, olive oil is great for your skin as well! In fact, it actually has more antioxidants and good fatty acids than popular cooking oils like sunflower and peanut, which can help smooth fine lines and help you radiate from the inside out!


What's fall without a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup? We have some good news! Your favorite rainy day lunch is loaded with skin preserving ingredients! Some studies have even found natural SPF in tomatoes — though they shouldn't replace your daily SPF lotion!


Did you know walnuts have a significant amount more Omega 3 fatty acids than any other nut? It's true! Adding more walnuts to your diet, and your candy, can leave you with smooth skin. They also have eczema-fighting properties.


How do they fit so much Vitamin C in such small fruit? Not only are kiwis great for the rest of your body, they contain collagen that can reduce wrinkles over time and make your skin more supple.


It is fall after all! When cooked, it has almost four times your daily Vitamin A. So, the more pie you eat, the more soft, smooth and wrinkle-free your skin will be.

And now, about that Halloween candy. You don't need to swear off all chocolate this month. Instead, splurge a little for higher quality dark chocolate. It's loaded in antioxidants that won't make you break out and it tastes amazing!

If you watch what you eat for glowing, healthy skin, you'll want to be sure to use the best moisturizing creams, too. Corium 21 cream contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract, an ingredient that produces collagen. While your skin also produces collagen naturally, it does so at a lesser rate as we get older. Collagen increases blood flow and can make your skin more supple. Which means you look younger longer. Think of Corium 21 cream as a trade for every sly Snickers bar this month.