Embrace the Sun and Be Nice to Your Skin

The sun is officially starting to shine and you’re probably anxious to get outside. As eager as you are to go on a hike or a picnic, think about your skin. After a long cold winter your skin may be dry and in need of a little restoration. Lightening up your routine, and using the best moisturizers, could be exactly what your skin needs. So, before you rush to your nearest park, take a look at these tips for transitioning your skin to the new sun:


This is crucial for healthy springtime skin. You can’t get that glowing skin that reflects the sun without first getting rid of winter’s remnants. Scrub away any dried or dead skin to start on a clean slate. You’ll be amazed by how much fresher you feel after your pores are cleared!


It’s been awhile since your skin has been exposed to the sun so be sure to give it some time to adjust. Early spring is an essential time to remember wearing SPF protection every single day. Don’t just rely on makeup products or tinted moisturizers for complete sunblock coverage. Apply Corium 21 cream under all other products for maximum protection. The aloe in Corium 21 cream is a natural sunscreen. Extra protection means more time spent soaking up the rays - without all the damage!

Lighten Up

Cut down on your morning routine and the products you’re using for more even coverage as the days get warmer. Forget the heavy foundations you rely on during the winter and opt for light powders or tinted moisturizers instead. As long as you’re applying Corium 21 cream first, your skin can be even and luminous without all your winter tones!