Prep Your Skin For Fall!

During summer, our skin is exposed to several aggressive elements (such as the sun, sand, insect repellents, etc.) which can damage the skin. In the fall, the skin is exposed to dryer, cooler elements. 

Here are a few external and internal tips to help turn rough, dry, dehydrated summer skin into glowing skin that's ready for fall weather: 

On The Outside: 

  • Moisturize while you cleanse. Try switching to a creamier, gentle, non-clogging cleanser, like Corium 21 Pure Aloe Vera Cream, that will add extra moisture and protect your skin from environmental factors.
  • Tone. Use mildly acidic, hydrating toners after you cleanse to help balance the skin's pH.
  • Exfoliate gently. Summer damage can result in cellular build-up on the skin's surface. To effectively remove dead skin cells and leave the skin smooth, exfoliate about once a week using a mildly acidic, natural formulation. Some natural pH balanced exfoliates are sugar and olive oil, salt and lemon, or honey and oatmeal, are great at-home treatments that support the skin's natural functions and prep the skin to better absorb nutrients without causing irritation.

On The Inside:

  • Hydrate. It's important to stay hydrated. Drinking water is also one of the best ways to hydrate your skin perfectly! You'll not only notice a difference in your skin, but your whole body will thank you.
  • Nutrition. To keep your skin healthy, eat a low-sugar, low sodium, well balanced diet that includes plenty of protein foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and liquids.
  • Good Fats: Adding foods high in omega 3 like fish, flax, and good fats like avocado to your diet will make your skin even out and make it beautiful!