Watch Out! These Things Could Make Your Sensitive Skin Worse

Causes of sensitive skin vary from one person to another. You may be allergic to certain products or develop rashes in response to external factors such as plants, food, or harsh weather conditions. Perhaps you have overly dry skin or exposed to skin damaging elements such as excessive heat or cold and you may be dealing with skin disorders such as contact dermatitis, rosacea, or eczema. Moreover, age, genetic factors, and gender may also play a role in causing skin reactions. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the most common irritants:

Soap. If you’re using soap that doesn’t match your skin care type, it can strip off the moisture and will often lead to dry, irritated skin.

Fragrance. Whether synthetic or natural, this is a common skin irritant found in most beauty products.

Alcohol-based toners. Everyone knows alcohol is an irritant that could make oily skin and redness worse.

Heat. While hot baths open up pores and increase blood flow, overexposure can aggravate redness and chafing. This is also true when you’re always outdoors and sweating too much.

Spices. If you have existing skin condition, such as rosacea, spicy foods can make your blood vessels dilated and can irritate your skin further.

Household products. Fabric softeners and detergents are just some of the most common skin irritants.

Wool. Clothes made of wool may lead to itching and rashes because of its coarse texture.

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