Five Tips for Soothing Dry Winter Skin in Children

Dry skin is one of the common problems in children during winter. The wind, dry indoor air, low humidity, harsh soaps, and even a cold weather sun can make it even worse but don’t fret: dry, flaky skin can be easily prevented.

These practices will help if your child’s skin is prone to drying out:

  • Limit baths to 2 or 3 times a week. Too much washing and scrubbing can strip off the natural protective oils from your child’s delicate skin. Use lukewarm water and limit bathing time to ten minutes or less. Avoid scrubbing vigorously with a towel instead, gently pat the skin dry.

  • Apply an aloe based moisturizer. Aloe vera cream contains safe, natural ingredients. Unlike thick ointments and creams, it doesn’t have a greasy feel. Apply this a few minutes before getting out and reapply as soon as you notice dry patches.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh environment. Winter sun, cold air or harsh winds can cause irritation. Get your kids occupied and happy by planning indoor activities and if there’s a need to go outside, dress them warmly.

  • Humidify your home. If you’re staying home, keep the indoors at about 30 to 60 percent relative humidity to help moisturize the skin. Anything higher may cause itching and dryness to the eyes, nasal passages, and even the skin.

  • See your doctor. In some instances, dry skin may be a sign of a condition that needs further treatment, such as dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. If you notice any redness, peeling, or bleeding, or if the skin appears swollen or has pus, a visit to the dermatologist and prescription treatments may be required.

Winter is a fun time for you and your family. Be safe and be smart. To discover the best home remedy for dry, flaky skin, click here