Aloe Vera Cream: Fun, All-Natural Skincare for Kids

Your child may be at risk for developing skin problems - whether it be rashes, irritation, or bruises. While most of these conditions aren’t serious, it can be bothersome for you and your child. A little organic comfort has never felt better and choosing all-natural skin care products protects them from toxic chemicals.

Soothing Your Child’s Irritated Skin

Itchy skin – Many children suffer from itchy skin during winter months or when they have skin conditions, such as eczema. Giving regular baths and keeping the skin moisturized are helpful. For more relief, stash an aloe vera cream and dab it on the affected area. It also works to soothe mosquito bites, and diaper rash too!

Dry skin – Excessive washing with harsh soap and abrasive skin care products can lead to dryness on your child’s delicate skin. Applying a gentle cream, like Corium 21 keeps the skin hydrated after bath.

Chapped skin – When the weather outside is frightful, your toddler may get chapped skin and lips. Aloe vera cream can prevent this from occurring.

Broken skin – Scrapes and bruises are rites of passage for kids but this can be quite painful. Aloe vera is a natural remedy and has natural antibacterial properties. It also helps in increasing the production of collagen, thus playing a vital role in wound healing.

Skin Care Tips to Grow By

  • Choose products that are free from dyes and fragrances, as these ingredients can dry out the skin and cause irritation.

  • Keep track of your children’s diet and eliminate foods that may cause allergies.

  • Check your baby’s thighs, bottom and genitals for diaper rash. Apply soothing cream as needed.

  • Pick the right sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to protect your child from the harmful UV rays. For the best protection, apply generously 30 minutes before going outdoors.  Slather on sunblock and reapply during the day, especially after your child swims or exercises. This reduces the risk of skin cancer later in life

  • If your child has some minor bruises, apply pressure to control bleeding and use ice to reduce swelling. Cover the wound with a sterile bandage or gauze pad to prevent bacteria and dirt from getting into the wound, which could lead to infection.

  • Seek medical advice if your child is experiencing severe allergic reactions, has a burn, or suffering from red scaly patches. A doctor should evaluate chronic conditions and check for underlying illness.

Keeping your child’s skin healthy and moisturized

Aside from using products designed for children, massaging baby oil onto the skin or using Corium 21 Skin Healing Cream can break the cycle of irritation which can lead to dry skin and itching.

Corium 21 has the following effective and safe ingredients, guaranteed to keep your child’s skin soft and smooth.

  • Aloe vera - Natural aloe vera juice contains six antiseptic agents that fight infection, three analgesics to reduce pain and itching, and at least three anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Japanese green tea – When applied topically, this excellent antioxidant helps to protect the skin from the effects of free radicals in the environment. The leaf is also known for its soothing properties.

  • Vitamin C -  Essential for helping recovery from wounds and for repairing and maintaining bones and teeth.

Discover all the natural ingredients used to make Corium 21