The Beauty Product You Need This Fall


The changing seasons can also mean changes to your skin. The crisp fall weather can worsen existing skin damage or gives your skin a shock. If you’re always adjusting your skin care routine, here’s a secret: you only need one product to heal and protect your skin, giving it a refreshed and healthy glow.

Year-Round Benefits of Aloe Vera Cream

  • Hydration – The best thing you can do for your skin this fall is to make sure it’s fully hydrated. Exposure to cold weather can make your skin dull and dry. The fusion of aloe vera, vitamins, and emollients replenish the skin during the day by giving back lost moisture.

  • Regeneration – If you notice hyperpigmentation and signs of premature aging, this is a great time to restore the appearance of your skin and repair any sun damage. The vitamin C and collagen in Corium 21 Aloe Skin Cream are beneficial.

  • Nourishing care – It is very important to keep the skin nourished all over to combat dryness and damage from the harsh weather. Aloe vera is known for its healing and nourishing properties.

  • Complete protection – You may notice your skin being more sensitive and dry during autumn days. A good moisturizing cream that contains aloe vera is the perfect antidote and serves as a protective barrier to the skin.

What Aloe Vera Cream Can Do For Your Skin

Corium 21 Aloe Skin Cream contains natural ingredients and has many benefits. Here are just some of the season’s must-have tricks for using aloe vera cream:

  • Treat acne – The colder season can cause skin to dry out and makes it become easily irritated and inflamed, creating potential breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Applying aloe vera diligently can lessen acne flare-ups by bringing back the moisture your skin needs. Read more benefits of aloe vera for your face

  • Protect your lips – Start moisturizing now so you won’t have to deal with dry or cracked lips during winter. 

  • Moisturize your hands – Using aloe vera cream will keep your hands soft and supple all season long.

  • Give your feet some TLC - The colder season can make your feet and soles rough and dry. Aloe vera can restore and rejuvenate your tired toes.

  • Keep the rest of the body nourished – The non-greasy formula of Corium 21 Aloe Skin Cream will leave your skin looking radiantly healthy.

By following these tips, you can maintain good skin all year round!