Athlete's Foot 

What is Athlete's Feet?

Athlete's Feet is a common fungal infection that occurs usually between the toes, causing itching, burning and many other unpleasant effects.

Toe-Web Infection

Toe-web infection occurs usually between the smallest toes. It causes itching and burning, and often there is an unpleasant odor. It is possibly connected to a bacterial infection. Corium 21 aloe healing cream contains antiseptic agents, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory agents. Corium 21 is effective in treating this type of athlete's foot.

Moccasin-Type Infection

This type of athlete's foot causes minor irritation and dryness. It often itches and burns. There might be scaling of the skin. In some cases the toenails will thicken and fall off. It is caused by a fungus and sometimes appears on the hands.

Vesticular Infection

Vesticular infection is a type of athlete's foot that is rarely seen. When it does occur, it is a sudden outbreak and occurs on the arms, chest and fingers, as well as the toes. It is possibly connected to a bacterial infection.

How Do You Prevent Athlete's Foot?


Avoid getting athlete's foot by regularly disinfecting your bathroom. Be careful in your use of disinfectants, and do not over-use. A little bit goes a long way.

Wash Laundry Frequently

Wash your sheets, towels, socks and other items thoroughly and frequently. This will help in preventing the spread of athlete's foot. Use Corium 21 aloe healing cream regularly. Aloe vera is a time-proven healing agent.

Do Not Share Towels

If you have athlete's foot, or someone in your family has athlete's foot, do not share towels. This will only hasten the spread of the condition. Wash towels frequently.

Wear Clean Socks

Wear clean socks to prevent the spread of athlete's foot and to prevent contacting the condition. Keep your feet dry and change your socks if you are sweating. Fungus grows in moist conditions.

Prevent Fungus

Use Corium 21 aloe healing cream to prevent the spread of fungus. The anti-fungal properties in Corium 21 will aid immensely in healing athlete's foot.

Don't Go Barefoot

When you are barefoot, even in the shower, you risk picking up athlete's foot. Avoid going barefoot whenever possible.

Wash and Dry Feet Thoroughly 

After bathing, wash and dry your feet thoroughly. Moisture creates an ideal environment for the fungus of athlete's foot. Follow with the application of Corium 21 aloe healing cream to aid in rapidly healing the condition.

If Your Feet Sweat, Wear Sandals

You can't wear sandals all the time in most climates. If your feet are prone to sweating, and you are prone to athlete's foot, you should put sandals on and give your feet a breather on a regular basis. This will help to prevent athlete's foot.

Wear Cotton Socks

If you have or are prone to athlete's foot, wear light-weight cotton socks. This will allow your feet to breathe and prevent or aid in healing the condition. Be sure to apply Corium 21 aloe healing cream under the socks. This will aid tremendously in healing.

Change Your Shoes Often

It is important when you have athlete's foot to change your shoes now and then. This can also aid in preventing the condition. Your shoes can get moist inside and create an environment that aids in the growth of fungus.

Replace Shoes as Needed

When you go too long without replacing your shoes, particularly gym shoes, you run a greater risk of athlete's foot. When shoes are over-used, they become moist and unclean. Replace your shoes as needed.

Pay Attention to How You Dress

You might not think that it makes a difference, but the way in which you get dressed can prevent complications from athlete's foot. Put your socks on before your underwear to prevent the infection from spreading to your groin area and causing jock itch.

Use a Hair Dryer 

Dry your feet with a hair dryer. Anytime you have difficulty getting your feet dry, you can use a hair dryer to ensure that the area between your toes is very dry. After drying, apply Corium 21 aloe healing cream to aid in healing.